InRoad Toys develops groundbreaking, enduring, high play value toys with broad applicability across age groups. At the International Toy Fair in NYC in February 2014, InRoad Toys debuted PlayTape® - Fun That Sticks™

PlayTape was created out of necessity. In 2002, Brian Musliner was 3 years old and a veritable car fanatic. All he wanted for Christmas that year was “A Big Box of Cars.” And that’s exactly what he got. Dozens of them. (Notice the cars on the pajamas?). But then the obvious question arose: Where do you drive them all? There are millions of toy cars in the market, but there are no toy roads. That challenge set Brian’s father, Andy Musliner, on a 12-year quest to design the perfect toy for building roads…anywhere. In 2014, the world was introduced to PlayTape, the fastest, best way to create roads. Now a licensed driver himself, Brian works on strategy and merchandising for the product he so desperately needed when he was a young boy.

Today, PlayTape is revolutionizing how we play with toy vehicles. With PlayTape, turn your imagination into reality! Instantly roll out your road or train track anytime, anywhere. The possibilities are as endless as a desert highway.

Photos: Brian Musliner, Christmas 2002, with “A Big Box of Cars” – it was all he wanted. (His big brothers, Eric (with face in picture), and Alex (gekko jammies) looking on.)