Creating a unique play area, children are the entire decision makers. The best part is no decision is final. The Play Tape is easily adjusted for instant creativity to match the child's mood.

- Academics’ Choice Awards Reviewer

It's a great value because of the reuse factor. The "cling" type material saves the surface where the product is placed and preserves the product for easy reuse. The product is limited only by the imagination of the child.

- Academics’ Choice Awards Reviewer

It’s very easy to apply the tape, reposition and remove... Not only can you use this tape on the floor play but you can get creative with it by using as a border for bedroom decor. We love the PlayTape from InRoad Toys!

- Lauren Mueller

My son is obsessed with trains, so this has come in handy on trips or on visits to friends' houses. We just pack this up and some trains, and he's good to go!

- Bluum Reviewer

I love to watch my kids use their imagination with the tape. They get all their cars and trains out and can play for long periods of time pretending and having fun.

- Bluum Reviewer

PlayTape adds so much to imaginative play. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle. There is so much fun to be had when you can make roads on your floor.

- InRandom.com review

If you are looking for the perfect summertime entertainment, especially for rainy days, or a gift for a big car fan…you absolutely need this. I honestly don't know how I ever went without it.

- Jake Nelson

From the moment I saw PlayTape I knew I must have it. It is one of those products that made me have one of those “Why did I not think of this!?” moments...This tape is pure genius!

- InRandom.com review

The best part for us? He can play for hours, or even just a little bit. There is less to clean up and his imagination is great for endless activities! I love that it sticks to carpet, as well as hard floors. There is no sticky residue and for all of the times we have used it, you can not even tell where it was put down to begin with. (Did I mention you can pick it up and reposition it if you are not happy with the placement?)

- 'Jumpin Beans

My favorite find at the Toy Fair was also the simplest: PlayTape… This temporary road is as easy to remove as it is to put down.

- Travelogged

It’s a clever product and I am impressed by the quality.

- Jeff Franklin, Owner Franklin’s Toys, MD.

PlayTape lets kids build roads in the blink of an eye on any flat surface - floors, walls, concrete, even carpeting and upholstery.

- Tillywig Toy Awards

PlayTape is highly portable and easy to store just about anywhere.

- Tillywig Toy Awards

Fun, portable and wallet friendly.

- Parents' Choice

Simple and cleverly designed!

- Parents' Choice

The kids had miles of fun planning roads!

- Parents' Choice

PlayTape is ingenius.

- Giggle Guide

We're obsessed with this PlayTape.

- PopSugar Moms

A great deal of the fun of PlayTape is its creative value, inspiring imagination to design and erect new roads for travel or even make art.

- Blogcritics

PlayTape is durable enough that, with proper anchoring, kids may even build bridges.

- Blogcritics

What I really, really love about PlayTape is that it’s super portable and causes me no pain!

- Simple Moms

PlayTape is so easy to use that my 3 year old son can do it all by himself! Simply unroll and stick to any flat surface.

- Simple Moms

This is super great because my son likes to change his mind a lot on how the roads should be positioned and I don’t have to worry about my floors being covered in a sticky mess (besides the juice he just spilled next to the tracks).

- Simple Moms

My son is playing with this all over the house, and since it’s easily removed without causing damage, I’m thrilled to see him venture off the computer for some creative toy time.

- Motherhood Later, Robin Gorman Newman

I think that PlayTape is going to change my life.

- Amber Guetebler on Red Tricycle

It's the kind of thing that will keep the kids coming back.

- Play Tester comment from The Noise on Toys

It's easy to stick and does not mark the floor

- Play Tester comment from The Noise on Toys

A great toy for creativity!

- Play Tester comment from The Noise on Toys

PlayTape can be used to introduce creative concepts such as shapes, angles, length, and symmetry.

- Today's Catholic Teacher

PlayTape is really easy to roll out, even my almost 5 year old was able to use it independently and tear it off successfully after I demonstrated how.

- About.com Toy Expert

PlayTape is the perfect little piece of magic that will keep your child occupied and give them a whole new outlook on where to put there toy vehicles!

- Coffee for Mom

Just an FYI PlayTape is amazing!!!! We placed it on the wood floor and played all afternoon!!!! It came up easy with NO residue. I will be back to buy more. :)

- A happy Learning Express customer

I like that it encourages play, imagination, creativity, and cooperation.

- Karen Cox, PreKinders