TinyTown Cars, Roads, & Curves! Includes Road Tape & Curves, 4x4 Truck, & Road Signs

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TinyTown Cars, Roads, & Curves! Includes Road Tape & Curves, 4x4 Truck, & Road Signs

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  • THE REAL THING | They’re tiny. They’re collectible. They’re hours of fun! TinyTown sets are the newest addition to the original, award-winning PlayTape family of toys, the #1 selling toy road tape in the world. Be careful to buy the original PlayTape. Don’t be disappointed by knockoffs with copycat claims and suspect quality.

  • SPARKS IMAGINATION | TinyTown - it’s the only way to create a Tiny Town for all your tiny toys. Each TinyTown set comes with cool and unique TinyTown vehicles, roads, and accessories - everything you need to build a Tiny Town, anytime, anywhere! Through instruction-free, hands-on play, TinyTown teaches creative and inventive thinking, 2D construction, role play, cooperation, visual perception, spatial relations, basic math, problem solving, geometry  (shapes, angles, length, symmetry, etc.), resourcefulness, and even advanced concepts like urban planning.  The perfect alternative to electronic devices.

  • SIMPLE TO USE | TinyTown comes with tiny-scale PlayTape roads. PlayTape is paper-based road that sticks to any flat surface like floors, tables, counters, walls, even most carpets. Just unroll, stick, and drive! Cleanup is a snap. PlayTape won’t leave a residue and it won’t harm the surfaces it’s on, so play anywhere! Roads can be peeled up and repositioned, and all TinyTown sets work together, so you can build an ever-changing, ever-expanding world of play.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD AND YOUR HOME | Third-party tested to meet all US and international toy safety standards. TinyTown PlayTape tears off the roll easily, no scissors required. No residue. Safe to use on your floors, walls, and furniture. Recyclable. TinyTown is perfect for kids ages 3 and up.

  • AWARD-WINNING | The TinyTown and PlayTape family of toys have been honored with over 30 industry awards including 2016 Toy of the Year Finalist, Parents Magazine Best Toys of 2014, Academics Choice Brain Toy Award and Dr. Toys Best picks of 2015. Named a top educational toy, birthday gift, travel toy, Easter basket alternative to candy, and stocking stuffer!



TinyTown sets include everything you need to build an entire town, anytime, anywhere! Incredibly cool and unique vehicles, tiny tape roads and curves to drive them on, as well as road signs and accessories. TinyTown provides hours of fun building and toy vehicle play. TinyTown - it’s the only way to create a Tiny Town for all your tiny toys.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive, simple, easy, instantly entertaining, safe, creatively engaging, and educational for your child, try TinyTown.

Included in this Set: 1 Roll of Road Tape, 1 Roll of Road Curves, 1 4x4 Truck, & 4 Road Signs.

What? It comes with toy roads? Yes! Every TinyTown set comes with tiny PlayTape roads. PlayTape is a paper-based tape road. Easy to tear. Easy to unroll. Easy to stick down. Easy to peel up and reposition. Stick anywhere. Won’t leave a residue. Won’t harm your floors or furniture. Recyclable. With TinyTown roads, you can create an entire town in minutes - anywhere.

Have only a little space to play in? TinyTown is the way to go. TinyTown roads and curves are just 1” wide, so you can create an entire city on a tabletop. TinyTown vehicles are approximately 1.5” long, about half the size of a Hot Wheels car.

Like cool cars? Each TinyTown vehicle is custom designed with aggressive posture, edgy styling, and unique features (like massive exhausts) you won’t find on any other toy vehicles.

Need a toy to take on the road? You can fit an entire Tiny Town - and hours of fun - in your pocket or purse. No other toy vehicle set gives you such play value in such a compact form. The perfect travel toy.

Have other tiny vehicles in your toy box? TinyTown roads are scaled to work with other tiny vehicles you may already have. Got tiny characters too? Have them live in TinyTown!

Already a PlayTape fan? You’re in luck! TinyTown vehicles also work perfectly with regular 2” PlayTape.

Concerned about safety? TinyTown is fully third-party tested against U.S. and international child safety regulations. Safe for ages 3+. Small parts, so keep out of baby’s reach.

Concerned about your floors? Build and play with the surface-safe confidence of the PlayTape brand. We rigorously test all our TinyTown and PlayTape products on over 25 different surfaces, including hardwood floors, furniture, painted walls, carpets, and fabrics. TinyTown will not leave sticky residue or harm your floors or furniture.

Why is TinyTown better than a play mat with roads? Because the roads and town are YOUR design, not some company bureaucrat’s. Because TinyTown fits in your pocket and goes anywhere. Because the design changes every time you play with it. Because the cars are freakin’ cool. Because of all the accessories you can place anywhere. Because it’s infinitely more fun.

Want a toy that’s proven to be hours of fun? The PlayTape line of products is the #1 selling toy road and has won over 30 industry awards for innovation, creative fun, and educational value. Toy of the Year Finalist, Academics Choice Award, Top Picks, Best Travel Toy, Best Stocking Stuffers… you name it. Here’s a list. If you’re looking for inexpensive, simple, easy, instantly entertaining, safe, creatively engaging, and educational for your child, try TinyTown.


Additional Information

Weight 1.2000
Width 9 in
Design Road
Origin Made in the USA
Safety Compliance ASTM F963
Allergy Information Contains natural rubber latex
Legal U.S. Patent Pending
Age Range 3 years and up
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