Picture yourself with PlayTape—at Walmart!
And get a FREE Pack of PlayTape Curves!

Find This
Take this
Get these

To celebrate our introduction at Walmart, let’s have some fun!
Free curves for everyone who sends in a selfie,
and the best pictures will be posted on our Facebook page!  

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to a Walmart near you and find PlayTape—It’s in the toy cars section, near Hot Wheels.
    Here's a store locator with Walmart stores that sell PlayTape (please check -- not all of them do)
  2. Take a selfie with you and PlayTape at Walmart.
  3. Email your name, address, and selfie to us at selfie@inroadtoys.com.
    Be sure to tell us what size curves you want —2-inch wide or 4-inch wide.
    And we'll send you a free pack of curves to go with your rolls of PlayTape from Walmart.
    You're gonna get some, right?

It’s that easy!
We’ll post the best selfies on our Facebook page.
Follow the fun here: Find us on Facebook 

Love PlayTape? Get more at Walmart!Made in USA 100%
Want more curves? Pick up more at www.Inroadtoys.com/shop.html.

No purchase necessary.
One pack of curves per customer—available while supplies last.
Offer good through February 28, 2017.